Attic Demo

by Captain Hollow




A six song demo/EP written and recorded in a drafty attic in Bangor ME, circa February 2010, while three quarters of the band were still in high school. Released in a professionally duplicated edition of 100 copies, with full-color artwork, jewel cases, and on-disc printing, but now out of print (we may duplicate a short run for a forthcoming microtour, but no promises are to be made.) Expect more recordings of new songs (and perhaps a few of these re-recorded) sometime soon....

"If you've been in search of emotionally charged indie-rock (ok, fine—it's emo music, but the really good kind), this band packs a formidable punch. There are catchy guitar hooks, wrenching vocals, and some explosive moments mixed in. I feel like there aren't as many bands doing this anymore—at least in a top notch way—and Captain Hollow's music says, "yeah, we're doing it.""
(Dispatch Magazine)

"...reminiscent of old school screamo but with a much more well defined pop sensibility, which leaves the listener with a nearly flawless combination of serious and reverent song writing, angular and sometimes chaotic instrumentation with enough catchyness to keep the tune in your head until you can finally listen to it again."
(Hell is Only Knee Deep)

"This EP was a long time coming but well worth the wait — especially if more is on the way as their bandcamp page suggests. Frantic, melodic and full of grit, Captain Hollow follow in the tradition of ’90s, pre-Hot-Topic-commoditized emo. There’s enough post-rock edge to keep things interesting. "
(Maine Campus)


released 27 March 2011

Recorded and Mixed by Anthony Bitetti
Mastered by Ron Harrity at Forest City Studios
Design by Jakob Battick

Ryan Higgins - vocals, guitar.
Patric Cuningham - drums.
Anthony Bitetti - bass, vocals, guitar.
Kyle Mallory-Macdonald - bass



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